Wednesday, July 29, 2009

T Minus 48 Hours

So, it's now Wednesday night, and it seems like we're in good shape. The house is mostly clean as is the yard, garage and basement. But, we always think we're in good shape running up to going out of town, yet getting out the door is inordinately stressful.

What's left to do? Well - we haven't actually started packing yet. And we need to get some things together for the families that are coming here. We also want to let folks know about the blog, so that someone is actually reading this. Oh - and did I mention that we may close on our refinance on Friday morning?

One key indicator of how it's going will be when we post next. I'd like to ask Quin and Berkley about their expectations for the trip and post them (so that we can look at them after the fact). If those appear (and you all find out about this site before we leave on Friday), then all is well. If neither of those things happens, well, then we're in trouble.

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