Monday, August 24, 2009

All's Well that Ends Well

Today's itinerary was my responsibility, as I think Shannon has tired of engaging in much planning (and, after 3 weeks, that's perfectly reasonable). So, I proposed a boat ride down the canal at 11:00, followed by a picnic lunch, then Buckingham Palace. Shannon suggested tacking the Natural History Museum on to the end--at Quin's urging--and so I did (she couldn't resist planning at least a little).

Sounded great in theory, but in practice we were running late. Again. Got out of the house at about 10:40, and needed to haul almost a mile down to the canal. We had kind of given up on making it, but meandered our way through Camden Lock Market when we came upon our boat--still on the dock at 11:05! We hopped on and the boat pulled away.

Now, you may say we were irresponsibly late. We believe we were just being efficient. Why wait around on the boat?

The rest of the itinerary went more smoothly. We even ducked into the V&A Museum, which Berkley loved ("Art Design" was his favorite--chairs and furniture and stuff done with an artistic purpose).

The only hitch of the day was the dinosaur exhibit at the Natural History Museum. First, there was a long line just to get in. Second, it was brutally hot. Third, people kept cutting in front of us--I thought the British were sticklers for manners. Fourth, once we got in, the queue continued, as we shuffled slowly--painfully slowly--through fossils that were exciting to the boys two years ago but not so much these days. And people still kept cutting! Those of you who have ever waited in a line with Shannon can imagine her disposition at this point.

All in all, as I type here at the Lord Stanley pub, with a pint of Hooky Bitter, it was a good day.

Tomorrow, we're off to Stonehenge, Avebury and then the night in Salisbury. Next day, Bath. Speaking of baths, tomorrow I dip into the waters of British driving. Wish me luck.

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