Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bust then boom

Why is it that expectations seem to be negatively related to what actually happens? Yesterday, we headed out the door with high hopes for a fun day - disaster. Today - thought it would be a train wreck, but turned out great. Who knew?

Yesterday, the big disaster was mainly due to poor timing and the Portobello Market. We wanted to go to a market for lunch (we were thinking of the great time we had last weekend at Camden), but also wanted to change it up. However, due to the fact that Doug and I both took fairly long workouts (50 minutes +) and that Doug took the boys for a good bike (exploring the hood), we didn't get out the door until late. By the time we made it to Portobello, it was after 1:00, and the place was packed. So we had to fight crowds for a good long way until we got to some food. By that time, we were all famished and unfortunately, the food wasn't nearly as good as Camden. We clearly recognized that we needed to cut our losses, so we bailed and headed for a nearby playground - the Princess Diana Memorial playground. Well - apparently, this place has a "capacity" - whatever it was, capacity had been reached, so we had to wait in line for the playground. Not fun.

Once we got in, the boys had a great time, but we were wiped at that point. We did manage to squeeze some shopping in - mostly for the boys - at Primark. My father has often told me how he was scarred (mentally) by shopping with his mother in the first Filene's Basement (too crazy). In my mind, that must have been what Primark was like. This was mainly due to the fact that good deals were to be had - we got cool shirts for the boys for £1-£3. Even with the exchange rate, that's still a good deal. But the rest of the store was just too much for us to handle with tired boys so home we went. Not the worst day, but nowhere near what we had hoped for.

Today, on the other hand, looked like a disaster. Quin fell and hit his head, and Berkley's leg was bothering him (only when he wasn't being entertained). They both complained endlessly about it on the way to lunch at Camden Market. Once we got there, they were fine of course, until we had to walk a bit again (Berkley, by the way, has been charming folks in London left and right. Today, he charmed the workers at the Mexican food stand, who gave him free chips and cheese - FREE in the big touristy market!). After much complaining, we made it to the Imperial War Mueseum, and let me tell you - it was just as I remembered. Boy heaven. Full scale planes, tanks and missles everywhere. To top it off - most museums, including this one, are free here, so it didn't cost us anything! Hit a nice playground afterwards and then took a smooth ride on the tube home. No idea what we're going to do tomorrow, but whatever it is, I'm going to tell myself that it's going to suck.

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