Saturday, August 8, 2009

Centre Pompidou

The consensus in the family today was that we all prefer modern art. We also all agreed that some modern art does not make sense to us (Berkley broke out the LAME designation for some of the video installations), but the hands down win in the Pompidou v. Louvre question was the Pompidou.

Quin and Berkley were far more engaged in the art at the Pompidou than they were at the Lourve, for several reasons probably. First, there was A LOT of nudity. And not just generic old statue nudity like you see in the Louvre. No, this was full-on modern nudity. For example, the boys were FASCINATED with a video of a naked woman hula-hooping on a beach. When we pointed out that her "hula-hoop" was made out of barbed wire, they really wanted to know why. Doug tried to explain, but I think any explanation would have been over their heads. Second, some of the art was much more playful. Berkley saw the piece below and said - now this is modern art!

Finally, the boys have been introduced to some artists at school/art camp and so recognized their names - particularly Quin. We saw some Chagall, Matisse, Picasso, etc. Their Picasso collection was quite extensive which was very satisfying for Quin who had been dying to see some Picassos. All in all, a thumbs up for the Pompidou. In fact, Doug and I both agreed that if we were to come back to Paris sans enfants, we would definitely go back to the Pompidou to have more time to take everything in.

Of course, an afternoon trip to the museum was made possible by a visit to the largest toy store in Paris in the morning. There was some momentary panic when we got there as we couldn't find any Legos. What we didn't realize was that the toy store took up an entire Passage (rather than just one store front), and each store front in the passage was full of toys that were organized thematically. Once we finally found la Maison Lego (its own store), we all breathed a huge sigh of relief.

The bubble thankfully breaks tomorrow when Nanny and Papa join us for a few days. They've always wanted to see Normandy, so they're going to spend some time with us and do an overnight trip there. It will be good to finally have someone other than the immediate family to talk to. And, given that yesterday was our 10 year wedding anniversary (happy anniversary Doug!), maybe we'll even get to spend some alone time in the most romantic city in the world.

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