Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Chickens Come Home To Roost

So I have been remarkably upbeat about how things are going smoothly and how the boys have been adjusting so well. Today - not so much. I think the time change and the walking around Paris finally caught up with them; they were definitely out of sorts. Despite that fact, we still managed to do some things even though it was really hot. We went to the Arc de Triomphe first thing in the morning (which nowadays means 10 am by the time we get out of the apartment). Took that in for a while and then walked down the Champs Elysees. The Arc was very impressive; the Champs Elysses - not so much. Luckily the walk was all down hill as Berkley was dragging (and complaining) the whole time, and Quin was not much better. We headed back to the apartment for lunch and some much needed downtime.

We decided to head out after break time for a Seine boat tour (hey - we are tourists). After a great deal of frustration in printing out our internet tickets (had to be done - we saved 5E per adult and 2E per child - 14E total, close to 1/3 off - by booking on the internet), we headed over. We were roasting on the top, so we headed underneath to cool off, but missed all the commentary. All in all, the boys weren't that into it which is ironic since they were the ones who really wanted to do the boat tour when we mentioned it- should have known better. It's really a fine line to walk between letting them make decisions that you know they won't like in the end and imposing your own opinions on them. Went the wrong way this time!

On the walk home (which included a brief stop at the free public misters - BRILLIANT!), we passed by the Louvre for the first time and saw (once again) the huge carnival in the Jardin de Tuilieres. Doug and I had promised the boys a trip to EuroDisney tomorow, but given how today went, we were not looking forward to that. Disney on a HOT day in August when the boys are tired? No, thank you. So, we laid it on thick. Promised them they could spend all day at the carnival (because even if they do that, it will cost far less than what we would have spent at Disney) and have a treat (cotton candy for Quin and a candy apple for Berkley) and dessert at dinner. Doug then read them the negative review of EuroDisney in our guidebook when we got home. In the end, they decided to forgo Disney for the carnival. I was feeling a bit guilty about that, so we had a family conversation, and they were quite adamant that they wanted the carnival instead. I am PRAYING right now that it does not disappoint, or we may end up having to go to EuroDisney too!


  1. hi Shannon
    Your Dad gave me your blog address and I have enjoyed reading it everyday. I hear you on your boys exhaustion. As much as my sister and I walk, when we were in Paris last summer, we were dragging our butts big time. We were only there for three days and I'm scratching my head trying to think of kid-friendly things to do. It is what it is. We were there with Fremd students and they were terrific but it was the end of our 10 trip so all of us were tired, crabby and ready to go home. You on the other hand are just starting out. I give you and Doug a lot of credit or well, I won't say, for taking two munchkins to Europe. We did stay at a French beach resort(Biarittz)for one day/one night and it kind of got all of recharged. Continue to enjoy your stay in France. I check your blog every late afternoon to check how you two are doing. Ms Janus

  2. It sounds like you are doing and seeing a lot-but they are kids-maybe they need EuroDisney!

  3. Hi guys

    take a day to regroup and I hope that the carnival works as I can't imagine Euro Disney in the heat!

    Got an e-mail from Judy and they are really getting excited to meeting up with you - as I am sure you are too.

    I really enjoy reading the blogs every morning.

    Aunt Trish