Monday, August 10, 2009

Guns, Swords and Cannons - Oh My!

After meeting up with Nanny and Papa yesterday morning, we headed over to the Musee de L'Army. We'd been there before (it's at the Hotel des Invalides), but it was closed then. Let's just say it was boy heaven - for boys of all ages. There were swords, lances, guns, shields, daggers, and so on and so forth. Lots of them. Lots and lots of them. I can't imagine that there are many old weapons and armor left in the world; it seemed that most of them must have been at this Museum.

We also took in the WWI and WWII exhibits. The boys loved that the WWII exhibits had lots of films to watch, but some were a bit gory - we were worried that they might have nightmares, but they seemed fine about it. We did skip the room about the concentration camps just to be on the safe side - we'll save that for when they're a bit older. The boys were genuinely interested in hearing stories about the war and linking those stories with the pictures, maps and artifacts. From my perspective, it was interesting to read about the war from the perspective of the French; even though we fought on the same side, our interpretation of the war is a bit different than that of the French.

We did a quick run into Napoleon's tomb (yep - that's it!), and then headed over to the Rodin Museum. It was the best bargain so far (two adults were free because we had kids with us, and it only cost 1e for each for the other two adults - so 2e total!) and was also quite enjoyable. We saw a few of Rodin's sculptures, while the kids could run around free.

Not sure what we're going to do today - seems many of the touristy places are closed on Monday - but given how much there is to do here, we'll figure something out.

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  1. Hi Shannon
    Loved the picture of Quinn impersonating the statue! Glad that you guys are enjoying yourselves. After reading Doug's post about Euro well spent - I can totally empathsize with you ref the cost of entertaining children :)

    Hope that you get a chance to have that romantic dinner for your 10th anniversary. (Frank & I just had our 35th.)

    Say hi to all the family and hope you get to enjoy the rest of your time in France before heading over to England!

    Aunt Trish