Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ile de la Cite

Got a bit of a late start today. We all woke up in the middle of the night (around 2 am here) and were WIDE awake. No surprise given that it was only about 10 at home, and we'd been sleeping for hours at that point. We finally fell asleep again, but since we're not quite adjusted to French time yet, we all slept until after 10 in the morning. Despite the late hour, Doug and I still went for runs - albiet short ones (mine was along the banks of the Seine - very nice), and then we headed out for our first meal of the day - lunch.

After a nice stop in one of the few cafes open on a Sunday (next Sunday we will be FAR better prepared for the fact that few things are open, including markets), we walked along the Seine over to the Ile de la Cite. We strolled around a bit and then went in to Notre Dame. The boys were suitably impressed (for 5 and 6 year olds) and fairly well behaved. We couldn't get the original Berthillon's glace as they were closed (for the whole month of August! Seriously. Who closes an ice cream shop in a touristy area in the hottest month of the year?), but they do now make their own and other places sell it, so we got some at one of those. Very satisfying.

At that point, we were bushed, but Quin INSISTED on going to see the Eiffel Tower in person (can you tell he's obssessed with the Eiffel Tower?), so off we went. We had some baffling moments trying to get on the Metro (and ended up paying for 2 of 8 journeys!), but arrived and saw the main attraction (in Quin's opinion). Berkley had a brief, emergency interlude with the bushes in the park on the way home (why can children not tell you they need to go BEFORE it becomes a potential disaster?), but other than that, Day 2 went pretty well.

We're settling into a nice groove - journaling and blogging for the boys before bed, then wine and blogging for grups before bed. This is, of course, facilitated by the fact that there is no English TV on here, so no magic box to get glued to at night. Who knows if we'll keep this up in London when we'll have all that fabulous BBC programming?

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  1. Oh yes! French TV is crap and the translations terrible ! You can still log on CBS, ABC or FOX !! And in England, well, you will have to watch Eastenders (still going strong!) and Coronation street! I am truly jealous!!;o)