Friday, August 21, 2009

A Little Rock at Lockstock

With thanks to the grandparents for watching the boys, Shannon and I went out on the town last night. We had sushi in the Camden Lock Market area, then we were planning to head back to our neighborhood for a pint at the local pub. Before we did so, we decided to stroll the Market a bit, and came across Lockstock, an all-day music festival.

(Apparently, the two major impacts of American culture on the world are that 1) anything “-stock” is a music festival and 2) anything “-gate” is a scandal. On the latter, see the recent flap on “Bloodgate,” in which a rugby team faked injuries to substitute players.)

We caught a couple of bands, and it was good to be out and hearing live music. The first act was Sean Redmond, who performed uptempo folk rock. He was actually pretty good. The second band (I forget their name) was pretty scrappy. They were a lot like the Dropkick Murphys, only they referenced Spanish and Italian music rather than Irish. This band brought out the punkers, though. A guy in front of us had an awesome, classic Mohawk. Good to see someone’s still doing it. It made us feel young hanging out with the local scenesters, catching a show in the cool area of town. I’m ready to break out the combat boots and the hairspray.

Otherwise, we’re still feeling less compulsion to see-everything-there-is-to-see. Today, we went down to the Cavalrymen Museum for a bit, then walked by Downing Street, Parliament and Westminster Abbey. We honestly channeled Clark Griswold—“Look kids, Big Ben! Parliament!”

Also, I should note, after my indignation for needing to dish out a few Euros to get to the top of the Sacre Couer basilica in Paris, that Westminster Abbey costs £15! Just to see the church! Needless to say, this became another attraction we merely perused. (Can a place of religious worship be classified as a tourist trap?)

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