Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Louvre

Recently, the NYTimes ran an article about how nobody stops to actually take in the paintings at the Louvre. If they hadn't published that article before we went to there, then I would have sworn up and down that the author had seen and was describing us in said article. That's not because Doug and I didn't want to take it in. Rather, our theory of museums with small kids is to let them go at their own pace - which we did today.

We spent more time in the Egyptian section (in part because there were lots of BIG things and in part because it was the first setion we tackled) and fairly breezed through many of the sculpture and painting sections. There were whole swaths and floors of the museums we didn't get to see at all - to be expected in a museum with 30,000+ artifacts. But that's what the boys wanted.

Both of the boys loved Napeolon III's apartments and were vividly day-dreaming about living in a place like that - our petit princes. Berkley, who was up until 11 pm last night, was totally looking forward to seeing sculptures, but when we got to the Greek sculpture section, he proclaimed it "LAME." Every sculpture section we saw after that was LAME - according to him (I guess he was expecting cool modern art - that'll have to wait until the Pompidou). He was totally fascinated by all the pictures of Jesus (and believe you me - he got more than his share of those) and listened raptly while Doug told him the whole story of the cruicifixation of Jesus.

Quin, on the other hand, was interested in lots of things and asked many questions (as usual), but I think his favorite was the story (and some paintings) of David and Goliath. Both Doug and I agreed that the "best" of the Lovre didn't impress us nearly as much as many of the other, more "ordinary" artifacts that were all over. All in all, we got a good taste of the Louvre, but really didn't get much time to savor anything.

All of us appreciated the fountains outside the museum - perfect for dipping the toes on a day of 85+ heat (looking forward to the expected cool down that comes with the rain tomorrow). And all of us are pretty much cooked right now - which is why Quin and Berkley won't be posting their favorite things until tomorrow morning. So now after spending all day traipsing through the Louvre, we're ready for a day with less walking. We've done a great deal of walking pretty much every day - even today and yesterday which were supposed to be low walking days. We're thinking of taking out the car for a day trip. Not sure where, but you'll be sure to find out tomorrow when we post!

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