Saturday, August 1, 2009

THIS is when I love home exchanges!

So, it's our first night here, and we just got the kids down to bed. This is when home exchanges are great; if we were in a hotel, I would be sitting in a dark room, typing this by headlamp. But instead, I'm sitting in the living room, drinking a glass of wine, and blogging - how great is that?

Today was the day I was most nervous about. Settling in on limited sleep for everyone could have been a train wreck, but it went pretty well. The flight landed early, and our line karma continued at customs. We caught a cab to the apartment, and the cabbie was super-patient with our limited French (Rue Dupont v. Rue Duphot - we wanted the latter, but should have been pronouncing it with an f rather than a p sound - he still figured it out and then gently let us know how to pronnounce it correctly which will surely come in handy later).

We briefly met the Bonnots, who live here. They are a lovely couple with two beautiful kids. The boys bonded with Arthus quickly despite the fact that they couldn't talk to each other - shared Pink Panther viewing and Gormiti showing off will do that. Olivier gave us the lay of the land (which was great - particularly since they were trying to head out to catch their flight).

The location of the apartment is fabulous. To give you an idea, when Olivier recommended a neighborhood cafe for breakfast, he recommended one in the Jardin de Tuilieres. It took us about 2 minutes to walk there. So we had "le petit dejeuner" and then wandered around a bit. We took in the Jardin and the Place de la Concorde to kill time.

When we came back, their cleaning lady was here (and after a few brief moments of BAD french on both of our parts, we realized we were both native English speakers!), so we wandered around a bit more to give her some time. We went over to la Madeline, which is a gorgeous old church that would be a main attraction at home, but is probably only second tier here. They had a fabulous art show going on, with all sorts of contemporary religious art (which totally made me think of my sister-in-law Julie).

After a brief (two hour!) nap, we then went out to get some food for dinner and tomorrow at a local market. On the way, we went through the Place de la Vendome - tres chic. In fact, that pretty much describes the shopping all around our apartment. We've seen Jimmy Choo, Commes des Garcons, Chanel, Dior, Ralph Lauren, etc, etc. - all within walking distance. In fact, I can see the John Galliano store from our apartment window. Bottom line - we won't be purchasing much around here, but it is nice to window shop.

At any rate, that's more than you all probably wanted to know, but lots of dets on the first day. Future posts will be shorter and to the point. Now, we're off to never never land - at 8:00 pm! Looks like tommorrow we will tackle the Ile de La Cite (why not start where the city itself started?) - and hunt down a glace recommendation in that hood.

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  1. Hi guys,
    we are so happy to hear you all made it there safely! We just got home and saw the lights all on in your house. Looks like the other family made it here safely. Great blog, keep it up and have tons of fun!