Saturday, August 15, 2009

We Made It!

As the title of the post suggests, we've made it to London. We cut it pretty close though. After storing the luggage, Doug was on his way to his seat when the train took off. Only a minute or two to spare! Quite an easy ride on the train although getting to the train was interesting to say the least. Locating a cab, printing out tickets, getting through customs - all a bit stressful. The boys were blissfully unaware of the ride as they played their Nintendos the whole time, but frankly, there wasn't much to see.

We had a bit of a slog to the new place, but when we got here, it was well worth it. The place has a little outdoor space (with a swing and some other toys), and there are bikes for both of the boys (and us too!). We took the boys' bikes out for a spin at a park a few minutes away and of course, Berkley had a bad wipe out (due in part to the fact that the bike has hand brakes instead of pedal brakes). Nonetheless, it will be good to be able to take them out to let off some steam pretty easily.

Dinner tonight was at the local gastro pub - quite delicious. And then a stop at the local market - where we could actually buy a whole gallon of milk - joy! Tomorrow we're going to check out the hood - which includes Camden market and Regents park - and just generally settle in. The boys were beat tonight, so they'll post their favorite things tomorrow morning, but picture posting will probably be a bit lighter this portion of the trip as there is no WiFi (I know - how does one live without it?) - just a desktop.

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