Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dim sum and then some

Today, we did what any normal Hong Kong family might do on a Sunday: ate some dim sum (with some of the other Fulbrighters here) and then went shopping. After a couple of visits to dim sum restaurants, I think we can safely say they’re not our favorites. First of all, it’s not particularly vegetarian friendly; in fact, if we didn’t eat fish, I think there’d only be one or two dishes we could eat. And second of all, it’s bland; I mean – really bland. Not sure why this is, but I much prefer my food spicy. On the bright side, we ordered way too much food, yet it only cost $10 per person – not counting the boys.

After dim sum, we checked out some of the Sunday markets in Kowloon.

Once again, the boys proved to be HORRIBLE bargainers; Quin was boasting how he was about to walk away from the “Angry Bird” last time, but this time, he pretty much threw a fit when we walked away from the “Pokemon cards.” So, we ended up circling back and buying a pack for each of the boys. Downside: we paid full price. Upside: the full price was $1.25 (US) for about 60-70 cards. Still a good deal.

The highlight of the day, in my opinion, was the flower and bird markets. The former is just stalls upon stalls of people selling beautiful and cheap flowers (enormous bouquets could be had for less than $5). We can’t really figure out how so many of these vendors stay in business with so much competition and such low prices in the priciest real estate market in the world, but there was nary an empty stall on the whole road.

At the end of the road was the bird market.

Apparently, it’s very manly in Hong Kong (and maybe even all of China) to carry around a bird in a cage. So the bird market has lots of old men with all sorts of birds in beautiful elaborate cages. In addition, it’s the place to go if you want to buy a bird:

An elaborate bird cage:

Or things that birds like to eat:

All in all, quite an enjoyable way to spend a Sunday.


  1. Sounds like you had a great day - we are bunkering down waiting for Irene!

    love reading your posts

    love to all

    aunt cheryl

  2. China is a shoppers paradise. I would be in my glory - bargaining is somewhat irksome. You never really know if you did get a good deal. You have to know your prices and have restraint, if you really want something and not sure if you hit their bottom offer. In Mexico if they came after you it meant they would lower their price. Is it the same there??? In time the boys will learn. What fun!!! Saw that New Bedford had a bout with Irene. Love you - Mom

  3. Hi guys
    We made it thru Hurricane Irene - after a lot of Hype, it wasn't as bad as expected althoug Brattelboro VT was hit pretty bad.

    Looks like you all had a wonderful weekend. I would be in heaven with all those flowers and I am surprised a bird did not make it home with you!

    Do the boys miss having a pet?

    I am terrible at bargainning, and would be paying full price for everything

    Patty can probably get you some teaching materials if you need them.

    Aunt Trish