Sunday, August 14, 2011

A few pictures

So, I'm a bit slow with figuring out how to load the pictures. I added them to be uploaded oldest first, but they're appearing newest first. Lesson learned for future uploads, but I'm too lazy to change them now.

Below are a few pictures from the Peak which we did this morning. Jet lag was our friend today; since we were up so early, we were at the Peak well before the lines got long. Victoria Peak is the tallest peak on Hong Kong Island. There's a tram that goes to the top; to call it a tram doesn't really do it justice though. The Peak is so steep that it's more like an amusement park ride (particularly when you're going down backwards). Particularly impressive is the fact that in the past, the people who lived here, the truly wealthy, used to be carried up in sedan cars; the ride up took 3 hours! Our ride was much quicker (8 minutes), and it was well worth it as the view from the top is simply stunning:

To get over to Hong Kong Island, we took the Star Ferry which gives you spectacular views of the harbor.

At the end of every day, the boys end up with "Croc feet" - this picture can't really do justice to how nasty they are, but the boys refuse to wear their sneakers:


A few pictures of the local wet market (unfortunately, I didn't have video to capture the boys' reaction to the still flopping fish head - with no body - on display):

The view from the front steps of our apartment:


  1. Loved the blue sky that I hear can be rare so enjoy. The photo of the ship in the harbor was a study in contrast- the skyscrapers and the distant mountains, a lone ship in what must really be a bustling harbor. Glad it was a good day and, yes, we would have loved to see the boys faces!

  2. Cute feet! Like to see that the boys are still all Boy! Great pictures Shannon - keep them coming
    Aunt Trish

  3. We all got such a laugh of the croc feet! Man Mia and Lucca's were sooo nasty after each day out in Lisbon this summer, it's nice to see we aren't alone in our modern maladies...