Friday, August 12, 2011

Looks Like We Made It....

So, we’re safely ensconced in our new apartment after a full day of travel (literally – we left at 7:30 am EST to head to the airport, and we landed in Hong Kong at approximately 8 pm which is the equivalent of 8 am EST). We’re getting settled in, so a more cohesive and interesting post to follow, but here are some random thoughts from the trip:

  • The night before we left, Berkley said to me, “Mom – I’ve very excited to go to China, but I’m also sad to be leaving.” So true.
  • JFK sucks. We landed there in the domestic terminal and had to head over to the international terminal to catch our flight. When we got to the train that services the terminals, there were all sorts of notices about construction and buses at some off-airport sites, but NOTHING about the fact that you had to take a train off the airport and then get off and come back in (due to the fact the line servicing the terminals was out). Even the employees we asked didn’t know anything about it – they had to use the help line to figure it out. As a result, we let several trains come and go; we finally had to bail and take a cab as we were in danger of being late to our Hong Kong flight despite a 3 hour layover. Thanks JFK.
  • The boys were mightily impressed by business class. They kept saying – I wish we were flying business class. Of course, Doug and I let them spread out and lay on us, so it was as if they were in business class. That meant they both got a decent night of sleep, but it wasn’t so comfortable for Doug or me.
  • 16 hours on a plane is a LONG time. The key saving grace: video on demand for each of the seats. We basically let the boys have as much screen time as they wanted (with doses of Dramamine in between to avoid a repeat of the London return flight) which they thought was very cool.
  • Really no problems navigating the airport or getting to the apartment. The security guards here on campus were super nice and helpful in getting us in.
  • The apartment is surprisingly spacious. Not only do we have 2 bathrooms (WHOOPEE), our bedroom has a little desk area and a walk-in closet. I think Doug and I have more closet space here than we did at home. We’ve managed to unpack everything (not hard when your life is in 6 suitcases and a carry-on) with the help of a little Tom and Jerry. Full update on the apartment (with – hopefully – a video tour shot by Berkley) to follow.
  • We did a brief walk around campus to stretch our legs last night. Very hilly, very beautiful, and very hot (we were so sweaty after a brief jaunt at 10 pm – should be interesting in the day time).
  • Most of us (Quin, Doug and I) got a good bit of sleep last night, since we didn’t sleep great on the plane. Berkley, on the other hand, slept like a log on the plane, so only slept a few hours (at most) last night. He’s in an interesting mood this morning; I think he’s going to have the hardest time adjusting to the time change.

That’s all for now. We’re off to explore a bit and stock up on provisions. More to come…

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