Sunday, September 25, 2011

Random Observations of the Week (9/25/2011)

  • All of the traffic lights here give a yellow indicator when the light is about to turn from red to green. Now, Hong Kong isn’t the only country to do this (we’ve seen it in Europe too), but to me, that just seems like a bad idea. I’ve been in cabs here where the cabbie accelerates to get through a yellow light that’s about to turn red, and in cabs where the cabbie doesn’t even take his foot off the gas for a red with a yellow (meaning it’s about to turn green). Seems like a recipe for disaster.
  • I think of all sorts of random observations for the week when I’m out and about; I just can never remember them by the time I’m back at my computer. Clearly, I need some sort of a system.
  • Our level of food snobbery has definitely declined since we’ve been here. At home, we rarely eat at fast food places – usually only when we travel – and order pizza from local chains if we don’t make it ourselves. But when we were out on last Sunday, looking for somewhere to eat, we saw a Subway and darn if it wasn’t the most enticing thing I’ve seen/eaten in a long time (of course, this was before all of our good eating in Macau). And we order pizza from Pizza Hut all the time. Sometimes, what you really want is a taste of home – even if you wouldn’t really eat said food at home.
  • Insanity Plyometrics workout on Friday morning + climbing Castle Peak (~550m) on Friday afternoon = bonky and sore Shannon. It was well worth sucking it up to get up Castle Peak, though, as the views were quite spectacular despite the haze.
  • Berkley is starting to feel the pressure at school. The other day, he came home with his spelling test. He had spelled all the words correctly (each of the 16 words had to be spelled 5 times), but since he had used pen, he had to cross out a number of mistakes and then correct them. Final grade = C+. They’re hard core around here. He particularly dislikes Chinese right now as he’s getting intensive Chinese lessons to get him up to speed. If I hadn’t read the recent NYTimes article about the family who immersed their kids in a Russian school, I’d feel bad about this. Instead, I’m focusing on trying to help him suck it up and get through it as he’ll drop two of the weekly sessions come October (he has about 3-4 hours of it right now; he’s drop down to about 2.5 next month).
  • The weather has “cooled” off around here; the highs are now only in the low 80s/high 70s. As a result, all of the locals are wearing pants and light jackets – I kid you not. This morning, I threw on jeans to take the boys to school (a bit of a treat for them as it meant they got to sleep in a half hour later) – BIG mistake. It’s really still hot here despite how the locals may dress.

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