Monday, November 28, 2011

A Christmas Plea...

We're not getting too much in the way of Christmas-spirit here.  Sure - some of the malls and buildings are decorated, but they're kind of lame.  Think pink hearts instead of snowflakes and Santa Claus (in fact, aside from at Disney, I haven't seen one Santa yet!).  The Christmas trees here are no match for what you see in the U.S. - our Charlie Brown Christmas tree is a good example (note that we're using two of Quin's old American International School shirts for our "tree skirt."). 

Of course, part of the Charlie Brown-ness of it is due to the fact that we went on the cheap side.  Since we're not bringing this back with us, we only spent ~$12 US on it.  In fact, the lights almost cost more than the tree.  Yes - you read that right.  Despite the fact that you can get a string of lights in the US that were made in China for a few bucks, Christmas lights here cost over $10US a strand.  And they're kind of strange too - no green, weird strobe effects, etc.  

To top it off, while I remembered to bring our stockings, I forgot other important things, like Christmas music (slow internet speed makes it near impossible to stream Pandora or the like) or Elf on the Shelf.  Most of all though, I'm missing the Christmas cards that start coming in this time of the year.  While some people dislike the letters and artfully arranged photos that come in at Christmas time, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them.  I love seeing kids grow up and hearing what people have been up to over the year.  So, here's where you come in.  If we're not on your Christmas list, feel free to ignore this, but if we are, I would really appreciate it if you sent your Christmas card to us over here.  It would help bring a little of that Christmas spirit over to Hong Kong, and I'm sure the boys would LOVE to see pictures of their friends and family.  Send the cards to:

Doug Roscoe
VQ 201
Lingnan University
8 Castle Peak Road
Tuen Mun, New Territories
Hong Kong, SAR China

Thanks so much!


  1. So- if you haven't gotten the package could it be thar you didn't say"SAR China" in the address? Tree is unique and still says "Christmas".


  2. The Amazon MP3 Store has a bunch of free holiday music that you can download:

    The iTunes free songs of the week usually include a Christmas tune or two during December.