Saturday, December 10, 2011

Letter From Berkley

The boys each have been corresponding with one of the primary grade classes back at DeMello School in Dartmouth.  We thought people might want to see what Berkley felt it was important to tell his classmates back home.

Dear Miss Allen’s class,

The first thing I want to tell you is about my going to Thailand.  It was fun.  Phuket was better than Bangkok because it had a beach, a pool and a really good snack bar.  It was awesome.  The worst of my worries was getting some water in my mouth.  The Bangkok airport closed four hours after I left because of flooding.  I thought, “what if our flight had been four hours later.”  That would have been horrible.  Well, at least I had a good time.  I went on an elephant ride.  At the pool, a baby elephant kissed me twice!  You might think that’s gross, but it was cool.  Did you know I got to stick my head out of the window of a tuk tuk, which is a kind-of three wheeled motorcycle and in the back there is a canopy and you sit under it.

One Thursday, on Thanksgiving, we went to Hong Kong Disneyland.  Quin, my brother, liked Space Mountain.  I liked the most a Buzz Lightyear ride where you zapped the aliens.  It was different from Disneyworld in the US because it was only the Magic Kingdom, but it was still fun!  We watched a show called Philharmagic.  It’s a 3D show and Mickey was the conductor.  Donald gets lost in all these places and at the end you see Donald stuck in a wall behind you.

One day at Kowloon Walled City Park, we found a bike rental place.  I got a BMX.  I don’t have a bike here, but I do back in the US.  I miss it.  At the Kowloon Park there was a blue circle that had sides that were diagonal; it was coooool.

I have a friend, Joseph.  I met him when we were going on a hike with his parents and he was coming with us.  He’s cool, good at climbing and a good friend.  We went on a bunch of hikes with them, and our favorite was when we went to a place where we used ropes to climb up a cliff.  The cliff was about 10 feet tall.  It was so cool.  Everyone went rappelling except me.  I tried, but I was just too scared.  Oh, well.

Do you have snow yet?  It’s still like summer here.  Bye!



  1. No snow. It just started to get cold. Merry Christmas. Tucker