Thursday, December 15, 2011

Letter from Quin

Here's Quin's letter to his classmates at DeMello School. Much of what he's written is in response to specific questions from them.

The roller coaster at Ocean Park did go upside down; it was awesome. We also went to Disneyland on Thanksgiving because they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Hong Kong. Space Mountain, another roller coaster, was my favorite ride. Disneyland was very small. This is a picture of me on the Dragon Roller Coaster at Ocean Park.

At Christmas, we are going to Bali. In Hong Kong, Christmas is not like home because few people celebrate Christmas here, but there are some decorations. But at school, we have a Christmas vacation; not all schools do.

School here is different from DeMello, but I still get a report card. I had an English test today. At Assembly, we learned about children around the world who have to do child labor. One boy had to carry the materials to make bricks that weighed 15kg. I could never do that.

I have been doing a lot of hiking. Even though Hong Kong seems mostly urban, there are many country parks and mountains. We go to the parks to hike up streams and climb rocks. This is a picture of me rappelling, which means climbing backwards down rocks.

Here it is hard to find the food we have at home, but I have tried some new foods that are good, like Time Out bars. Time Out bars taste like Kit Kat bars. I also tried chicken feet and fish eyeballs, but they are not so good.

We don’t have a car here, so we take buses and trains around. Many of the buses are double-deckers. I like to sit up top in the front row. There are two types of trains: the MTR and the light rail. The light rail only runs in the Western New Territories, but the MTR runs all over Hong Kong. There are some islands here you can only get to by ferry.  We went to one called Lamma Island. 

Shek O means “Rocky Bay” in Cantonese. There is a picture of me there below. It probably got that name because it is very rocky. The weather here is still warm, but not warm enough to go swimming any more.  It does not snow in Hong Kong. Has it snowed in Dartmouth yet?  

Your friend,

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