Tuesday, December 13, 2011

This Time With Ropes

We went for a nice hike this past weekend up a stream in Pat Sin Leng Country Park with our friends Ben, Joseph and Oscar and were joined by their friend Raymond.  The boys were particularly excited because there were some spots that were just dangerous enough to merit a little safety rope around their waist.  And, while we were up there with ropes, we thought it would be fund to give all the kids a chance to rappel down a rock wall.

Berkley and Joseph take in the warm sun on the cool day.

 The view was fantastic.  The buildings in the distance are across the border in mainland China.

 The motley crew: Oscar, Joseph, Berkley (in the shadows) and Quin.

 The boys found a nice little kettle.

 Shannon was there! (And Doug bothered to take some pictures, too.)

 Berkley goes up a dicey spot with a safety rope; doesn't look too nasty, but the drop behind Ben and Raymond on the ledge there was pretty far.

I found a nice perch.
 Ben shows Berkley the ropes.  Literally.  Time to rappel!
 Berkley managed to rappel down the first 5 feet to a ledge and then bailed out on the remaining descent.  A bit scary!
 Quin begins his rappel.
 He showed excellent form all the way down.
The boys after the hike, on our way to lunch at the village dai pai dong.

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