Monday, December 5, 2011


There's no denying that the views in Hong Kong are simply spectacular. After four months we still feel blown away by some of the vistas. Even the routine train ride between the new towns in the New Territories offers expansive mountain scenery.

But the most amazing views happen when city meets mountain. On Hong Kong Island, in particular, the buildings creep up and climb partway up Victoria Peak, creating amazing contrasts. We thought we'd post a few pictures that come close to capturing the views one sees in person.

These pictures are taken on the Kowloon side, and show Hong Kong Island at night against the slopes of the Peak. Every night at 8 pm they put on a laser light show.

 Here are views from the top of the Peak down across Hong Kong Island.  Kowloon is in the distance. The natural area above the building-line is basically a jungle ecosystem. Cobras are common.

It was windy at the Peak!

This is from the Peak but looking south across the South China Sea. Sometimes the city is not necessary for a spectacular picture!

These last two were taken as we descended down from the Peak on a walking path. The light was really amazing.

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