Monday, February 6, 2012


We have fallen ridiculously behind on blog postings. I still have at least one blog post I’d like to do about our last days in Hong Kong and the friends we made there. We spent a week in Hawaii, and now we’re already done with day two in Tokyo. I had a vision of blogging every night in Tokyo, but we’ve been so jet lagged, that hasn’t happened. In fact, I went to bed at 8:30 last night. It’s 9:00 now – making some progress with the jet lag it appears. But, I’m still behind, so I’m moving into blog triage mode. I’m putting off the Hong Kong post until later and will catch up on Tokyo soon. What I want to blog about now is Hawaii (and I'll apologize in advance for the wonky formatting, but after battling my computer for over a half hour to upload pictures, it seems that jetlag is finally kicking my butt again. Or maybe it was the three free samples of sake that's doing that - more on that later).

Doug and I often like to make the distinction between travel and vacation. Travel is hard: you’re in a foreign place, you’re exploring new frontiers (for you), you’re a stranger in a strange land. Vacation is easy: you’re sleeping in, staying up late, and there’s no pressure to do much of anything. Hawaii was definitely the latter, and it was just what we needed. We met up with my family there, and while we did a lot of things, we were definitely on island time. Most of all, we did a lot of hanging out: by the pool, on the beach, at the bar. It was perfect. There were late nights catching up and late mornings hanging around. Just what we needed. 

Of course, we did manage to fit in a good amount of activity too. We saw the Pearl Harbor memorial, and let me tell you - while it was moving when Doug and I went there on our honeymoon, it was 100 times more so bringing the boys there.



We snorkeled all quite a bit; in fact, the boys really took to it, in part because it was so fabulous. There were spectacular fish right outside our hotel; Quin even got to see a turtle, thanks to Nanny. The boys also took a surfing lesson, which was a HUGE hit (and yes - they did actually get out on the water, but unfortunately, my camera ran out of batteries!).

The best part of all may have been how easy Hawaii was. The last time we went there (over 10+ years ago), it seemed so different as compared to the mainland. But now, after having spent over 5 months in Hong Kong, it was such a treat to understand what everyone was saying. It was a total luxury to go anywhere and know that we could expect to be understood. In retrospect, 3 days later in Tokyo where there is almost no English anywhere, it is even more appreciated. More on Tokyo and some of the difficulties (and triumphs too - a good bottle of sake tonight is part of that!), but for now, a few beautiful pictures for those of you who didn’t get to wear flip-flops all last week.


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