Sunday, March 25, 2012

Berkley's Personal Statement

Berkley’s portfolio came home with him this weekend. At the beginning was his personal statement. It was too awesome not to share, so here it is (with spelling, punctuation and grammar intact):

I am Berkley. I am currently travelling the world. I like to read, play soccer and play ball hockey. I usually read chapter books. Long ones. Think of all the possibilitys! I like to dance. Hip-hop style is what I do. I want to make a dance team someday. I like to shoot high, but “What goes up must come down.” Who said that? I did. My family members are currently, 40, 43, and 9. At 7 I’m the youngest person in the family. My brother and I like to build Legos. I only get sets for custome pieces. My brother gets sets to build them. I think I am a risk-taker because I have goals. Like, back flip into water (off a building). I’m a risk taker because when I can do something new (like the school talent show), I do it.

1 comment:

  1. All Nanny and Papa can say to that is "Berk- you rock and we love you" . Can't wait to see you back flip, but off the diving rock in the pool NOT a building!