Friday, March 30, 2012

Random Observations 3/30

  • While I’ve been working out fairly consistently here (both running and Insanity), even on days I don’t work out, I’m definitely more active than I would be at home. Whether it’s walking the boys to the bus stop in the morning (~1.5 miles round trip), from the bus stop in the afternoon (~1 mile round trip) or to the grocery store (~1.0 miles roundtrip), we’re really pounding the pavement. This doesn’t include any outings we may go on either; on the weekend, we’re usually putting in at least 3 miles or so exploring, and on some week days, Doug and I can put in more miles than the typical daily routine when we’re out and about. Definitely a bonus of an urban, non-car based lifestyle.
  • Staying hydrated, on the other hand, has not been going so well. It’s not that I haven’t been aware of the need to drink water (I am, and I do drink lots when I’m at the apartment), it’s just that I’m often worried about the state of the bathrooms I’ll be able to find when I’m out of the house. Now, I’m used to squat toilets at this point, and I always carry tissue, but even so, the state of some of the public bathrooms can only be described as truly horrid. On more than one occasion, I’ve had to run home, just to find a usable restroom.
  • While out and about, I’ve also been noticing more split pants. We saw them when it was cooler here, but now that it’s warming up, there’s not a protective layer (i.e. diaper) underneath. It’s really strange to look over and see little kids privates all over the place. This is particularly noticeable on the subway, where most of these kids are sitting on their parents’ laps, everything hanging out in plain sight. Very jarring.
  • One other thing of note when we’re out: the dogs. Many people believe that dog eating is common in China. While that may be true in some places, it is certainly not the case here. In fact, people here are just as crazy about their dogs as pets as they are in the U.S. Many of the dogs sport outfits fancier than what I typically wear. I’m trying to get some pictures to illustrate, but as far as I can tell, dog appears to be off the menu in Shanghai.
  • There will probably be radio silence for a few days as we head off to see the sights in Beijing tomorrow.  Yes, we did manage to procure train tickets; hopefully, they're for the trains we want.  I'm sure we'll have tons to report when we get back.

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  1. I'm gonna have nightmares about kids' split pants, but have a great time in Beijing!!