Tuesday, July 17, 2012

We Came, We Saw…We Were Completely Lame

By the time we rolled into Kuala Lumpur on Friday night, I was totally knackered. I’ve come to the realization that two full weeks of traveling (as opposed to vacation) is my limit. After that, I just want to unpack and cook a normal meal. So after three nights in Hanoi, followed by two night in Halong Bay, then two more nights in Hanoi (with a bout of food poisoning thrown in for good measure), then 5 nights in Siem Reap, I was done. And for good reason. We’ve already blogged about our time up through the first two days in Siem Reap; after that, it didn’t get much more chill. We tried to have a day to lay low on Wednesday, but the hotel pool wasn’t all that big (so not conducive to laying around all day). As a result, we spent part of the morning and afternoon exploring the town.

On Thursday, we headed out of Siem Reap to visit Phnom Kulen and Beng Melea. The former was probably not worth it; 45 minutes each way on a rutted dirt road through jungle to see a large Buddha and waterfall.  They were interesting, but it was a LONG and bumpy ride.

The latter was definitely worth it; we loved seeing the Cambodian countryside, and the boys thoroughly enjoyed Beng Melea, a temple that is almost completely collapsed, allowing for lots of scampering and climbing.

The old entrance - now impassible

Playing Indiana Jones

On Friday, we picked up a few more souvenirs, then caught our flight to KL. Not a bad flight, but we probably could have done without the two plus hour taxi ride from hell (massive traffic). We had expected to get to our hotel around 7:00, allowing for dinner and some swimming, but didn’t get in until after 8:00. Now, we were really looking forward to eating out in KL as it’s known as being really serious about food. But at 8:00 p.m., we were all hangry, so we settled on a nearby restaurant, which served passable Italian – not exactly what we were looking for.

Saturday was to be our big day touring the city, but when we got up, none of us really felt up to it. Now, I should say we weren’t completely lame. We still managed to visit the Islamic Arts Museum and the National Mosque
 Chilling at the arts museum
 The boys and me in front of the mosque - just to prove that I was there
check out a local neighborhood (was supposed to be Little India, but the concierge gave us the wrong directions –what is up with that?)

have excellent laksa at a food court (really – the food in food courts in Asia is excellent), check out the Petronas Towers, and then let the boys have some fun at the nearby park, which had a playground and splash pool. 
The boys in front of the twin towers

More chilling - this time in a splash pool
 By dinner time though, that was it – I was cooked.

A store in the mall, a.k.a what I was thinking on Saturday evening
So, I started talking Doug down. First, he wanted to cab out to Little India. Then, he was focused on a good Malaysian restaurant within walking distance. Finally, he held out for the Japanese restaurant in the hotel. But what he got was dinner by the pool. And I dearly love him for that – making that sacrifice for the good of the family. So not really the authentic Malaysian experience – Western food by the pool at a 5 star hotel (they’re really cheap in KL, and probably part of the reason why I didn’t want to leave – I just need to be somewhere nice for a change). As we ate, we all admitted we were totally lame. But sometimes, you just have to know what’s good for you and throw in the towel.  
And how bad can it be when the view from your hotel room looks like this?

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